Baking Soda. Kills. Cancer.

A decade ago, as I was leaving work a man and his son came up and asked for a short lift across town. They had become homeless after battling to save the wife and mother from cancer. The father sold their successful construction company and vehicles, mortgaged their house, spent all of their savings – sacrificed everything to get her treatment. But it wasn’t enough. How have billions of dollars of donations and the best doctors and scientists in the world failed to stop real life horror stories like this and countless others? MORE

I am not very skeptical... a good deal of skepticism in a scientific man is advisable to avoid much loss of time, but I have met not a few men, who... have often thus been deterred from experiments or observations which would have proven servicable. Charles Darwin

Right. What’s all this then?

Are there truths in the world that we can’t see because our eyes aren’t open? As kids we knew anything was possible, but external forces came along and told us they knew how the universe worked. They were older than us, they were teachers and religious leaders, positions of authority, so we trusted and we listened. The truths they layered upon us gradually became denser and denser until they solidified into our accepted reality.

And when concepts appeared that seemed outside of that reality, sometimes we felt threatened by those things, threatened by the thought of changing the reality we had identified with, something that might invalidate our very existence. It became safer to label those outside concepts and those sharing them as weird. Anything that crossed with our current paradigms could be the subject of ridicule. “You don’t look at that”, “you don’t talk about that”, “you don’t believe in that”. “That can’t be real.” The fire of our imagination began to dim and all the sudden we had a filtering system in place that made the magic of the world around us invisible. The weirdness we were so comfortable with was lost.

These posts are about the importance of an open mind and seeing with new eyes. And sharing some weird and amazing stuff, and realizing its really not so strange.