Baking Soda. Kills. Cancer.

A decade ago, as I was leaving work a man and his son came up and asked for a short lift across town. They had become homeless after battling to save the wife and mother from cancer. The father sold their successful construction company and vehicles, mortgaged their house, spent all of their savings – sacrificed everything to get her treatment. But it wasn’t enough. How have billions of dollars of donations and the best doctors and scientists in the world failed to stop real life horror stories like this and countless others?

The fungus among us.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, says cancer tumors are white –  the white cells of a fungus known as candida albicans. This fungus is recognized in modern medical science as existing alongside cancer, but considered as a symptom instead of a root cause. According to Simoncelli, this fungus thrives in the acidic environments of the average American junk diet but when exposed to an alkaline diet or high pH substances like baking soda, tumors decrease in size, without the devastating side effects of chemotherapy, invasive surgery or harsh radiation. Might this cause explain why colon polyps begin as mushroom like growths? Below he shows several examples of his direct application procedure including a massive colon blockage (3:00) opening up, dramatically, the day after treatment.

If you’re averse to the sight of organs being opened up here is account story of his early cases.

One of the first patients I treated was an 11-year-old child, a case which immediately indicated that I was on the right track. The child arrived in a coma at the paediatrichaematology ward around 11:30 in the morning, with a clinical history of leukemia. Because of the child’s disease he had been taken from a small town in Sicily to Rome, through the universities of Palermo and Naples, where he underwent several chemotherapy sessions. His desperate mother told me that she had been unable to speak with the child for 15 days; that is, since the child had been on his journey through the various hospitals. She said she would have given the world to hear her son’s voice once again before he died. As I was of the opinion that the child was comatose both because of the proliferation of fungal colonies in the brain and because of the toxicity of the therapies that had been performed on him, I concluded that if I could destroy the colonies with sodium bicarbonate salts and at the same time nourish and detoxify the brain with glucose administered intravenously, I could hope for a regression of the symptoms. And so it was. After a continuous intravenous infusion of bicarbonate and glucose solutions, at around 7 pm, when I returned to the university, I found the child speaking with his mother, who was in tears.

His site and his book, Cancer is a Fungus, are packed with more examples, protocols, and success stories.

Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment

Dr. Mark Sircus, author of numerous books including Sodium Bicarbonate: Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, believes treatments like baking soda and magnesium hit cancer cells with a shock wave of alkalinity, which allows much more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can tolerate. In his book, Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy he explains that sodium bicarbonate is even regularly used to limit the harsh effects of chemotherapy on the human body. He also believes that more than 100 diseases live under the label of cancer which perhaps is why what works for some doesn’t work for others. 

Here he explains the many uses of sodium bicarbonate in the medical field.

Visit his website here.

Other doctors like Dr. Burzynski from Texas combine traditional and alternative treatments with the understanding that one size fits all treatments simply cannot work for everyone.

Real life testimonial #1: Cut, poison, & burn my chest? Nay.

Patty felt there had to be a safer treatment than surgery, chemo and radiation. She was given eight days of sodium bicarbonate injections from Dr. Simoncini. And after eight follow up scans she remains cancer free.

Real life testimonial #2: Prognosis: Go home and wait for your body to die.

vernonVernon was a victim of Stage IV aggressive prostate cancer that metastasized to his bones. His doctors told him there were no treatments to handle cancer this far gone and their only advice was to go home, enjoy his remaining time left, and prepare for the inevitable. But Vernon’s son found others who were treating their cancer with alternative methods, including by changing their body’s pH by drinking sodium bicarbonate with molasses. While, understandably, not overly enthused about some cure on the internet, he realized there was clearly nothing to lose. After 10 days of drinking this solution, his follow up bone scan read “NO CONVINCING EVIDENCE OF AN OSSEOUS METASTATIC PROCESS.” A firm middle finger to his early death sentence.

Here he explains how he made the same protocol that saved his life.

Real life testimonial #3: Skin Cancer? Come at me bro.

Baking Soda

Facing the voracious return of her mother’s skin cancer after a traditional surgical removal, a woman named Kyneret took matters into her own hands and researched what others were doing. She mixed one part baking soda, one part coconut oil into a paste and applied to the skin. Within one day, the scab had fallen away and fresh pink skin appeared and within a month, there were no signs that there was ever even an issue. See the dramatic pictures here.

Well…how come I’ve never heard of this?

We have been conditioned to believe we are at war with cancer, there are no safe cures, and we are powerless to help except to give our donations and hope for something better while we watch our loved ones dissolve away. We have been conditioned to believe that a monster disease requires a treatment with a monster price tag. You’ve probably already thought, “Billions of dollars in research beaten by three dollars at the grocery store? Get serious.”

We are also conditioned to believe that our doctors must have the most up to date and best knowledge available. But despite their good intentions, they are trained and practice under the guidance of one of the most profitable industries in the world. And what might a profitable industry do with an inexpensive, simple, common, and unpatentable alternative to their products? Would they shout it from the rooftops? Or pretend they’ve never heard of it? Or might they even go as far as to label it and those using it as dangerous and wreckless simply to discourage others from considering their safer options while simultaneously securing their own comfortable way of living? Searching the internet for any type of alternative cure inevitably surfaces these types of negative reactions which can leave patients in a cloud of confusion over what is true and what is the right path for them. But there is no one way to cure the many types of cancer our world is facing today –  so planting as many seeds as possible and taking your health into your own hands is becoming an increasingly necessary option for those with repeat or long term struggles with cancer.

Can your life be saved from a simple cooking ingredient that costs hundreds of thousands of times less than the average cancer treatment in America? That doesn’t sound so strange. Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to watch your loved ones waste away and still face losing them? That may be the single strangest thing I’ve ever heard.